Travel essentials

Hello again!
Today i wanna share with you a few useful travel essentials! This can be nice on the plane, in the car, in the train and whenever you’re travelling! There’s just four things, but i felt for sharing it haha✈️


Some magazines or books / this is good for letting the time pass


A little mirror / Haha, this is just very nice to have in case your lipstick doesn’t go on your lips lol


 Earphones / Because music is loove!


Writing book / Time goes fast when you write or draw! Why not write about your trip?

Handcream / Haha, yes this is random – but nobody wants dry hands, huh? Haha i always bring a little hand cream when i travel.
I hope you liked the post!

I’m back!

Hello again! Long time ago, i’ve missed blogging♥

So there’s been a whole month since last time I posted something, and meanwhile i’ve tried to figure out stuff and this may sound weird idk, but i’ve tried to find out who I am. Before this month i was really down, and never felt truly happy with my life or myself – not with my blogging either! Therefore I needed a little break, because I had to fix the mess. I was exhausted everyday & there’s a prettylong story behind it, which I won’t write about on the internet. Anyways, I could not live like that any longer. So during this month, i’ve changed a lot I think, hehe. I think i’ve become a lot more positive because of the choices I make. I didn’t dare to do the things I really loved before, I was constantly scared of others opinions and thoughts, which made me insane. But you know what? I changed my thinking. Whatever, okay? Whatever they think probably won’t matter in 1-2 years from now. What I wear, what I eat or what I like is what makes me the person I am. I don’t have to like what my friends like. People can call me what they want, different, weird or whatever.. I call it being myself. As long i’m happy with what I do, it doesn’t matter what others think.

I’ve heard that sentence before, but I just didn’t think about it.. it didn’t hit me you know. But I get it now. I get it. I’ve learned, and i think this is a step to something great. I hope so.

So guys I just felt for telling you about this. Now i’ll start blogging again! And i’ll try to blog everyday, like before. It feels good to be back!:)


I’ll see you later

Hello again.

So there’s a lot going on in my head and thoughts these days, and it makes me kinda exhausted to be honest..

I need to fix this mess, so i’m taking a break from the blog for a few weeks i guess..

And i’ve also felt that i haven’t been posting like ” real updates ” for you guys.. So i’ll plan stuff for my blog while taking this break. You know i’ve been posting mostly about the fun things i’ve done, i usually don’t take pictures of my messy room & the negative things.. And i don’t want to be fake, so i just need a break to figure out things.

I’ll see you later, thanks for reading!❤️

Nice day


Today i received a visit from my aunt, so we ( inc my family ) ate a cake and talked, talked & talked.

I also went for a little walk today, the bad thing is that i don’t have any good camera! ( which i’ve been complaing about for the last few bloggposts hahah )

Sooo, another bad quality picture, here we go!

This sucks


Hii, how are you?

I’m okay! It’s such a nice weather here, and i’ve got a good summerfeeling🌞

I love summer, summer for me is sun, brighter days, beach days,  no school & just fun! Nothing is like summer, i can’t wait for the summer holidays!

What’s your plans for the summer holidays? Comment✨

Cloudy pictures w bad quality from the last days

I need help again

Hey! I’m so sorry for bad blog posts lately.. I’ve been busy with a lot of things. Buut there’s good news too! In a little while i’ll be planning a lot of stuff for my blog. I’ll also try to take better quality pics, and in general post better posts!

But my camera is on a reparation ( lol i ruin everything i have ), so that can take a while😁 But while my camera is gone, i’ll work on my blog.

Aand comment stuff you want me to post, that would help me a lot!

Picture from this weekend in sweden